Mrs. Margaret Hallett

Dear families:

This will be my SIXTH year working at our school and my fIFTH as the Intervention Specialist. Having worked with the different grades in previous years as a General Education Teacher has provided me with the experience to deal with the expectations of standards that is  required by the state of Ohio and, at the same hand, see the progression of knowledge in action across the board with our students.

During this summer, we are working double time.  We will be providing our students with extra interventions to help bridge any gaps that the pandemic may have cause and we are getting ready for the 2022-2023 school year.  

We are very happy of working with all the enrolled children to our Summer Intervention Program, and we look forward to seeing their progress.  Personally, I'll be working with my students who will be in the sixth grade next year.  this does not mean that I will not be following closely the progress of my other students.  We have the best teachers of our city at our school, who will also be working with our children.  I will be tracking their progress each week to assure they are meeting the expectations.

SPED parents will soon receive communication from our office in order to schedule any follow-up meetings concerning your children Individualized Educational Plan and discuss their progress.

Feel free to contact me any time.  You can always reach me at: 

Cordially yours,

Molly Hallett